Jane Myers Cataloging and Metadata Scholarship

Occasionally, a recipient of the NOTSL Scholarship submits a proposal that particularly speaks to the profession of cataloging.  When this happens, the Scholarship Committee designates their award as a “Jane Myers Cataloging and Metadata Scholarship” in recognition of our former colleague.

Margaret Maurer shared the following information via email with the AUTOCAT community in April of 2007 following the death of Jane Myers:

Those in the Public Library cataloging community in Ohio have been grieving the loss of Jane Myers, our friend and a catalog librarian at Westlake Porter Public Library. She made many contributions to the Ohio Library Council’s Technical Services Division, to NOTSL, to TechKNOW and to Westlake Porter Public Library.

My favorite story about Jane involves her struggle with cancer of an unknown origin. When Jane was originally diagnosed with this disease three years ago, she also discovered that there was no LCSH heading for her type of cancer. She at once initiated the process for the creation of a heading to describe her cancer, although she was not a PCC participant. I’d call that a pretty proactive response to a tough situation.

Listed below is the resulting subject heading:

Subjects Record [1308937240]

ID: sh2004003310 Rec Stat: n Rec Type: z Enc Levl: n

Used: 20040319 008: 040210i| anannbabn |a ana

010 $a sh2004003310

040 $a DLC $b eng $c DLC

150 $a Cancer of unknown primary origin

450 $a Cancer of unknown primary site

450 $a CUP (Cancer of unknown primary origin)

450 $a Occult primary cancer

450 $a Primary cancer, Occult

450 $a Primary cancer, Unknown

450 $a Primary origin, Cancer of unknown

450 $a Primary site, Cancer of unknown

450 $a Unknown primary cancer

550 $w g $a Cancer

550 $a Metastasis

670 $a MESH $b (Neoplasms, Unknown Primary x Neoplasm Metastasis, Unknown Primary, Neoplasms, Occult Primary, Occult Primary Neoplasms, Unknown Primary Tumors)

670 $a Alltheweb search, Feb. 10, 2004 $b (Cancer of unknown primary origin, CUP, Cancer of unknown primary site, Occult primary cancer, Unknown primary cancer)

670 $a National Cancer Institute/Cancer Facts web site, Feb. 10, 2004 $b (Cancer of Unknown Primary Origin; Cancer of unknown primary (CUP) origin is the diagnosis when metastatic cancer is found but the place where the cancer began (the primary site) cannot be determined. CUP is a term that refers to many different cancers.)


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