The Changing Technical Services Landscape

December 1, 2006

Eric Lease Morgan is the Head of the Digital Access and Information Architecture Department at the University Libraries of Notre Dame. He considers himself a librarian first and a computer user second. His professional goal is to discover new ways to use computers to improve library and knowledge services. To these ends, he has created many information services using the popular (and even less popular) Internet and computing protocols. Applied research and development has included investigations in traditional library science, digital libraries, information retrieval, and human computer interaction. Some of his more successful implementations have been the Mr. Serials Process, Index Morganagus, the Alex Catalogue of Electronic Texts, email.cgi, and MyLibrary@NCState.

Eric was also a librarian at the NCSU Libraries from 1991 to 2001. Prior to that he was a medical librarian at the Catawba-Wateree AHEC Library in Lancaster, SC for 3 years. He has a BA in Philosophy from Bethany College, Bethany, WV (1982), and an MIS from Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA (1987). In his spare time, he has been seen folding defective floppy disks into intricate origami flora and fauna.

C. Rochelle (Rocki) Strader, Barbara Dunham and Melanie McGurr are all from The Ohio State University Library. They will approach the ongoing recent discussion about the future of the catalog by starting with a discussion of what a catalog really is and what it actually does. They do not feel that the problems of users’ access is based on the standardized descriptive content of bibliographic records, but advocate for improved methods of access.

Rocki Strader is Assistant Professor and Catalog Librarian at The Ohio State University Library; Barbara Dunham is Coordinator of the Western Language section at The Ohio State University Library; and Melanie McGurr is General Cataloger at The Ohio State University Library.


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