Subject Headings: the province of Luddites or key to effective resource discovery?

October 29, 2004

Subject Headings: the province of Luddites or Key to Effective Resource Discovery? – Click here for PowerPoint Presentation.

Are Library of Congress Subject Headings Still Effective?Click here for PowerPoint Presentation.

Subject Access to Fiction – Why Bother?Click here for PowerPoint Presentation.

Carol Bradsher, founder of Experiential Learning, is a library consultant with over twenty years of experience in libraries. She has designed and presented training sessions for the Ohio Library Council, Ohio regional library systems, the State Library of West Virginia, and developed the successful “Guerilla cataloging” series for INFOhio. She also teaches cataloging for Ohio Dominican University and Kent State University. Carol also worked as a consultant for OPLIN to implement MORE, the Ohio statewide resource-sharing program.


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