C.I.R.C. (Cataloging Integrated Resource Changes)

May 22, 2003

Cataloging Serials Using the New Chapter 12 (AACR2 2002) / Andrea Olson

Integrating Resources: AACR2R Revised Chapter 12 for Updating Web Sites and Loose-leafs / Steve Miller

Andrea Olson has been cataloging serials for almost ten years. She received her MLS from Kent State University in 1993, and has been a cataloger at Cleveland Public Library since 1994. Ms. Olson supervised CPL’s CONSER membership application process in 2000, and still serves as the CONSER representative from CPL. She is also a trainer for the basic and advanced serial cataloging workshops for the Serials Cataloging Cooperative Training Program (SCCTP).

Steve Miller is the Head of the Monographs (cataloging and acquisitions) Department at the UW-Milwaukee Libraries. He recently served as a faculty member for a series of four ALCTS AACR2 and Metadata Institutes given at different locations around the country, speaking on the topic of integrating resources. He has also just finished creating materials for a new workshop on integrating resources for the Library of Congress’ Serials Cataloging Cooperative Training Program, and he will be one of two instructors to give the first workshops at ALA in Toronto this June. He also regularly teaches a web-based course on Metadata for the UWM School of Information Studies. Steve is a member of the ALCTS Networked Resources and Metadata Committee and the Online Audiovisual Catalogers Cataloging Policy Committee.


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