Fall 2022 – Migration Station: Tips & Tricks to Manage Your Data

Spring 2022 – A Dive into Data: Using COUNTER and Tableau

Fall 2021 – It’s All Subjective: Modern Subject Analysis

Spring 2021 – Copyright and “Copywrong”: Rules for the Digital Age

Fall 2019 – Wrangling Realia and Other Random Resources

Spring 2019 – Can a Catalog Spark Joy? Catalog Maintenance for Management and Migration

Fall 2018 – Acquiring Minds Want to Know

Spring 2018 – Journalpalooza: All You Need to Know About Serials But Were Afraid to Ask

Fall 2017 – The Road Ahead: Trends in Cataloging and Metadata

Spring 2017 – Spring Cleaning the Collection: Projects and Policies for Weeding and Gifts

Fall 2016 – What Can I Do With That? Tech Services Tools Round-Up

Spring 2016 – Now What? RDA and Best Practices for Cataloging Special Formats

Fall 2015 – Don’t Be Afraid of the Big, Bad BIBFRAME (Or Linked Data!)

Spring 2015 – Staying Alive: Assessment for Advocacy

Fall 2014 – Going Global in Your Local Catalog

Spring 2014 – Customer Meets Collection: the Workflows that make it happen

Fall 2013 – Linked Data & the Library

Spring 2013 – Getting Practical with RDA Authorities and Implementation

Fall 2012 – The Real Transformers: How E-Resources are Shaping Technical Services

Spring 2012 – RDA is Coming: How Ready are You?

Fall 2011 – Coming to Terms with Genre/Form Access

Spring 2011 – You Can’t Always Get What They Want — or, Can You? Patron-Driven Acquisitions

Fall 2010 – The Wild, Wild (mid) West of E-Books

Spring 2010 – Getting Ready for RDA: Preparing for the Transition

Fall 2009 – Snatch and Batch: Tools for Doing More with Even Less!

Spring 2009 – Cataloging Integrating Resources

Fall 2008 – NOTSL offered a one-day registration to the OLAC-MOUG Conference

Spring 2008 – Technical Services: Building the Infrastructure for a Library 2.0 Experience

Fall 2007 – Magical Mystical Metadata: More Than Just a Pretty Face

Spring 2007 – Prime Human Resources: Making the Most of Technical Services Staff

Fall 2006 – The Changing Technical Services Landscape

Spring 2006 – Digital Bones: Electronic Resources in the Year of the Dog

Fall 2005 – Go Figure: Statistical Jousting in the Technical Services Arena

Spring 2005 – Putting Your Vendors to Work for You

Fall 2004 – Subject Headings: the province of Luddites or key to effective resource discovery?

Spring 2004 – Brave New PACs: The Impact of External Searches & Browser Interfaces on Catalog Access

Fall 2003 – Doing More With Less: Ideas for Improving Efficiency in Technical Services

Spring 2003 – C.I.R.C. (Cataloging Integrated Resource Changes)

Fall 2002 – OUCH! Our Unique Culture & Hiring: It Doesn’t Need to Hurt

Spring 2002 – Safe and Healthy: Our Collections, Ourselves

Fall 2001 – Licensing and Providing Access to Aggregator Databases

Spring 2001 – Put a CORC in it!

Fall 2000 – Authority Control Revisited: Options We Can Work With

Spring 2000 – E-Books: New Opportunities, New Challenges

Fall 1999 – Training Library Staff: Understanding Issues and Learning New Techniques

Spring 1999 – The ABCs of Digitizing Library Collections

Fall 1998 – The Problem is… Everyday Concerns of  Technical Services Staff

Spring 1998 – Serials: Current and New Issues

Fall 1997 – Acquisitions Basics for the Non-Acquisition Specialist: Hints from the Experts


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