Spring 2019 Meeting

Can a Catalog Spark Joy? Catalog Maintenance for Management and Migration

Cuyahoga County Public Library | Parma-Snow Branch Auditorium
2121 Snow Rd. | Parma, OH 44134
Registration and light refreshments: 9:00 am – 9:30 am
Program: 9:30 am – 4:00 pm

Thursday, May 23, 2019
Deadline to register was Friday, May 17

Links to Presentations:
Kyle Banerjee: Connecting the Past to the Future
Sarah Weeks: Tidied Treasures or Hoarders House
Anna Hood: Ready, Steady, Go!
Leslie Engelson: How Metadata Management Is Like Housekeeping and How to Manage It
Roman Panchyshyn: Keeping Our Data Clean

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NOTSL is pleased to welcome the following speakers and their presentations:

Connecting the Past to the Future
Presented by Kyle Banerjee, Digital Collections and Metadata Librarian, Oregon Health & Science University

Migrations are challenging because their purpose is to use old data to provide services that might not have even been imagined at the time they were implemented. Modern libraries and the ILSs they depend on are designed to provide centralized access to physical resources created according to a 500 year old publishing model.

However, the 21st century brought a fundamental shift in how information is used and preserved. Information is no longer centralized nor is it created, managed, or distributed according to the print model that dominated for hundreds of years.

Libraries migrate to new systems with the expectation that the new one will better meet the needs of people than the old one. This means it has different capabilities and requires different configuration, records, and fields. Even when records and fields appear similar, they use data differently. To complicate matters, migrations change everybody’s jobs and every procedure related to the old system.

Bring your ideas and questions, and we’ll examine these issues as well as discuss how mere mortals can migrate complex systems to build the services of the future!

Kyle Banerjee has over two decades of library experience, extensive systems knowledge, and has planned and written software to support ILS, digital collections, and resource-sharing systems migrations since 1996. He has published four books on digital libraries and migrations, with a fifth one on data analysis and manipulation currently in production. An avid outdoorsman, Kyle enjoys ski mountaineering, sea kayaking, and cycling.

Tidied Treasures or Hoarders House?: Best Practices for Data Management in Library Catalogs
Presented by Sarah Weeks, Associate Director of Libraries, Oberlin College

Regardless of whether or not you are facing an imminent migration, data stored in ILS systems needs consistent care and updating to best fulfill its dual purpose of connecting users to information and helping library staff make data-driven decisions. Like brushing your teeth or changing your oil, a little regular maintenance goes a long way. This presentation will cover topics including: implementing regular quality checks, local fields/codes and how to best use them, balancing national standards with local practices, authority control and keeping catalogs current, and when (and how) to finally let go of that old data you’ve been hoarding.

Sarah Weeks has worked in technical services administration for the past 10 years and her career spans both academic and public libraries. She currently serves as Associate Director of Libraries at Oberlin College and Conservatory. She began her career as a systems librarian and maintains a strong interest in library technology and data. She has also worked as a consultant for both individual libraries and consortia on issues of technical services efficiency and ILS migrations. She has a passion for getting others to see change in library technical services as a transformational opportunity for growth.  Some of her prior projects have included: acquiring and merging libraries, two consortial ILS migrations, reclassifying large collections, major deaccessioning of materials, and strategic planning paired with data-driven decision making.

Ready Steady Go!
Presented by Anna Hood, Technical Services Manager, Kent Free Library

Anna will discuss Portage Library Consortium’s recent migration to SirsiDynix Symphony from Innovative Interfaces Millennium. There were many lessons to be learned with the transfer of 14 years of data. While migration can be a stressful time, it is a wonderful opportunity to study how things have been handled historically at your institution and to take the knowledge you glean and apply it to making a fresh start. Even if you are not migrating data, learning about the importance of consistent maintenance and procedures for data care will help you create the best database possible. You will be ready for anything. After all, migration could happen to you.

Anna Hood is the Technical Services Manager at Kent Free Library. Before starting her current job in 2012, she worked at Westlake Porter Public Library as the Assistant Manager of Technical Services and at Kent State University as the Head of Serials and Electronic Resources.

How Metadata Management Is Like Housekeeping and How to Manage It
Presented by Leslie A. Engelson, Metadata Librarian, Murray State University

Housework: it is a never-ending and often thankless task. Yet people are negatively impacted when it isn’t done. Keeping a database clean often feels like doing housework. There are many factors that contribute to messy, inaccurate, and inconsistent data in a library catalog. Nevertheless, accuracy and consistency are attributes of metadata that contribute to a better retrieval experience as well as a successful migration. This presentation will identify high-value elements of bibliographic data, discuss factors that contribute to messy data, as well as measures that can be implemented to help reduce inaccuracy and inconsistency and make the housekeeping task of metadata management less onerous.

Leslie A. Engelson is a cataloging librarian who wrangles metadata to help people find the information resources they need. With over two decades of experience, Leslie knows that good metadata doesn’t come easy or quick and understands the challenges catalogers face when advocating for a quality database. Leslie’s migration experiences include moving from a card catalog to Voyager to Alma, cleaning up data along the way. When she’s not creating and cleaning up metadata, Leslie finds creative expression in quilting. Leslie is the Metadata Librarian and a certified Alma Administrator at Murray State University.

Keeping Our Data Clean
Presented by Roman S. Panchyshyn, Associate Professor, Kent State University

This presentation will focus on some of the processes we have used, and continue to use, to maintain a clean database in our local Sierra catalog. Our goal is to make the resources in our catalog as discoverable as possible in the various different platforms that our patrons use. These platforms include our local Sierra ILS, our discovery layer, and the OhioLINK central catalog.

We keep holdings in OCLC in synch with batch reclamation and with regularly scheduled updates. An RDA enrichment project insures that all MARC catalog records are RDA hybridized. We use a vendor for authority control to keep our authority files current. We run dozens of small jobs on a recurring basis to catch and clean errors or add data to various vendor records, which are loaded regularly into our catalog.

We must be cognizant of the future of our catalog, especially a future with linked data and BIBFRAME. Do we need to retrospectively add URIs to our data at this point? Are we prepared to migrate our data elsewhere when it becomes necessary? Clean data is the key to optimal performance of the catalog.

Roman S. Panchyshyn is currently Head of Cataloging at Kent State University Libraries. His interests include catalog management, RDA, and authority control. He holds a BA in East European History and MLIS from McGill University in Montreal, Canada, and a Grad. Dipl. in Library Studies from Concordia University, also in Montreal. He is a former chair of OhioLINK DMS, and currently serves on ALA’s ALCTS CaMMS Executive as Member-at-Large.


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