Fall 2017 Meeting

The Road Ahead: Trends in Cataloging and Metadata

Kathy Glennan PowerPoint:
Rethinking Restructuring Redesigning RDA
Marcia Zeng PowerPoints:
Learning Linked Data
Silk Road with video

Monday, December 11, 2017

Cuyahoga County Public Library | Parma-Snow Branch Auditorium
2121 Snow Rd. | Parma, OH 44134
Registration and light refreshments: 9:00 a.m. – 9:30 a.m.
Program: 9:30 a.m. – 3:45 p.m.
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NOTSL is pleased to welcome the following speakers and their presentations:

Rethinking, Restructuring, & Redesigning RDA
Presented by Kathy Glennan, Head of Original and Special Collections Cataloging at the University of Maryland

In 2018, the RDA Steering Committee will roll out a significantly updated version of the RDA Toolkit, which will incorporate new elements from the IFLA Library Reference Model (IFLA LRM), restructure the instructions contained in the RDA Toolkit, and implement the four-fold path (four different ways of capturing data) throughout. RDA Steering Committee member Kathy Glennan will provide the context for these changes and will explain how they will impact catalogers.

Kathy Glennan has over 30 years of experience cataloging music and is currently Head of
Original and Special Collections Cataloging at the University of Maryland. She is active in the Music Library Association, the Program for Cooperative Cataloging, and ALCTS. She has served as both a liaison and a voting member of CC:DA. Since 2005, Kathy’s professional contributions have focused on RDA development. She became the ALA Representative to the RDA Steering Committee in 2013.

Learning Linked Data: Introducing a Competency Framework Illuminated by Mapped Learning Resources
Presented by Marcia Lei Zeng, Ph. D., Professor of Library and Information Science at Kent State University

What competencies are required to produce and use Linked Data in various professions? Where can technical services librarians find the materials they need to learn and meet these standards in their work? This presentation begins with a brief overview of developments in Linked Data that impact library professionals. The main body of the presentation will demonstrate how to use the LD4PE website’s Competency Index for Linked Data and the related learning resources to learn how to produce and use Linked data. The presentation will include an overview of the structure and content of the Competency Index, the LD4PE website, and associated tools provided for organizing and exposing learning resources associated with the competencies.

Marcia Lei Zeng is Professor of Library and Information Science at Kent State University. Her major research interests include knowledge organization structures/systems/services (KOS), Linked Data, metadata, semantic technologies, and digital humanities. She was an Invited Expert on the W3C Library Linked Data (LOD) Incubator Group and has held office in numerous international library and information science associations, currently she is serving as an Executive Board Member of the International Society for Knowledge Organization.


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