Spring 2012 Meeting

NOTSL (Northern Ohio Technical Services Librarians) is pleased to present a program focusing on preparation for RDA implementation. The Library of Congress, and other national and international libraries, will fully implement Resource Description and Access (RDA) as the replacement for AACR2 on March 31, 2013. The Library of Congress has issued a long range training plan for 2012, which outlines the steps it will be taking to train and prepare their staff for this change. While a select group of libraries participated, either formally or informally, in the RDA test in Fall 2010, many libraries have done very little to prepare their staff and adjust their workflows for incorporating RDA. The goal of this NOTSL workshop is to make libraries aware of the current national plans for RDA implementation and to help them begin their own preparation process. Our speakers will focus on topics such as the current status of preparation for RDA at the national library level, the issues surrounding staff training and workflow planning for RDA implementation, and will offer an in-detail examination of the impact of RDA on cataloging audio-visual materials.

Complete program information is available online here.


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