Fall 2011 Meeting

Registrations are now being accepted for the NOTSL Fall 2011 meeting, Coming to Terms with Genre/Form Access.

How can we make it easier for library users to find materials such as music, movies, video recordings, cartographic materials, and fiction? Resource discovery and access for library users is the primary objective of the “cataloging process”. When new opportunities emerge for libraries to improve discovery and access for their patrons, libraries should respond and take advantage.

Northern Ohio Technical Services Librarians (NOTSL) is pleased to present a program on Library of Congress Genre/Form Terms. Speakers include Janis L. Young (Cataloging Policy Specialist, Policy and Standards Division, Library of Congress), Karen Anderson (Authority Control Librarian at Backstage Library Works), and Paige G. Andrew (Associate Librarian at the Pennsylvania State University Libraries).

Complete program information is available online here and the registration form is available online here.


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